Course open - 1 winter green. . No 2 seater golf buggies (updated 20 February at 08:13)
The Holes
Hole 1
A testing start to the course with the left being favoured as ideal, but risk the wrath of the 3 fairway bunkers. A well placed tee shot will provide the best angle to navigate the overhanging pine trees. ...More
Hole 2
A dogleg from right to left. A perfect tee shot would be far enough around the corner to allow a shot to the green, but run the risk of the silver birch and gorse copse if the tee shot is too straight or too far. ...More
Hole 3
A really challenging par 3 surrounded by bunkers left and right. A narrow entry and an elevated green only a perfectly navigated tee shot will finish on the putting surface. ...More
Hole 4
Without a doubt the toughest hole on the course, with a par being well deserved. A drive in perfect position will need a faded second shot around the large copse at the corner, then needing to avoid the numerous greenside bunkers and ditch to the right. ...More
Hole 5
Another difficult par three, with a par being a challenge. Navigate the bunkers to the left and right, with trees in play both sides and to the rear, catching an offline strike. ...More
Hole 6
One of the most picturesque holes on our course, with a very tight fairway, tree lined both sides. Only a well placed tee shot will enable a shot to the green, only then to navigate overhanging trees, and a bunker that crosses the front of the green. A green that slopes from back to front, with a Mackenzie design. ...More
Hole 7
The first of our newer holes with a tight drive navigating fairway bunkers and trees. The second shot may be a partially blind one to a sloping green. Large pot bunkers left and right, gorse and out of bounds to the rear, all await an errant shot. ...More
Hole 8
A narrow tee shot that must carry the apple orchard, with well positioned fairway bunkers. Upon finding the fairway inviting shot awaits a large target, with just the one bunker to the left. ...More
Hole 9
One of our trickiest par fours. A tee shot must navigate the bunkers to the left, and the large depression to the right, that swallows up any errant tee shot. A very well guarded, narrow green, with bunkers to the front back and right. ...More
Hole 10
Another of our challenging par 3s, with a large green that slopes from back to front. With bunkers short, left and right, and out of bounds to the rear, a well earned par. ...More
Hole 11
A dogleg to the right. A well placed tee shot must be positioned between the fairway bunkers and gorse to give an inviting approach to a green that is mounded to either side. ...More
Hole 12
The longest hole on our course that winds slightly to the left. A perfect tee shot must avoid the fairway bunkers, favouring the right side, to give a view of the fairway for the second shot. A long narrow green, sloping from back to front, with bunkers to the left and right. ...More
Hole 13
A tough par 4, the tee shot must find the fairway, avoiding the fairway bunkers. This will then be well positioned to avoid the four large trees than encroach onto the fairway. A well protected raised green, with bunkers to the left and right, will push errant approach shots away if not directed correctly. ...More
Hole 14
A tree lined hole that bends to the left. A tee shot must favour the right side, avoiding the bunker and a heavily gorsed bank, while a left sided tee shot will run the risk of being blocked out. A well guarded Mackenzie green, with bunkers short, left and right. ...More
Hole 15
A difficult par 3 with a partially unsighted view, due to mounding in front of the green. Beware the heavily gorsed mound to the right, out of bounds to the left, and of course the greenside bunkers to the left and right. ...More
Hole 16
The final and shortest par 3 on our course. A small target with a raised green, bunkers short and to the right, with a run off to the rear. ...More
Hole 17
A difficult par 4. The perfect tee shot must find the tree lined fairway, far enough to reach the corner, as the hole gently bends to the right. Avoid the out of bounds that runs to the left of the entire hole. The smallest green on our course is a very narrow raised target. A less then perfect shot will not stay on the green, with a large pot bunker, waiting a shot to the left. ...More
Hole 18
A relatively short final hole, but can be a card wrecker if not played correctly. A tee shot must favour the left side, as any shot heading right, will catch the slope and find itself behind the large horse chestnut, unsighted from the green. Beware of the heavily guarded green, with a cross bunker at approach, and a further four greenside bunkers. ...More

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